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Keeping your data secure from external unauthorized usage is elementary. In addition to applying certificate-based https connection to your administration environment, we do take care of the following security threats:

Data loss

To avoid any data loss during synchronization, we create a solid event log that will store all changes made to your event data in our backup. You can always refer to a single event that you want to retrieve from backup and we can access and restore that.

Control over log

You will have the right to delete the change-log any time or it will certainly be deleted when you will shut down your account. We have not built our business to sell your personal data, instead we want to keep your information handled tenderly.

Internal access to your data

Users are always worried about potential access to their delicate personal data by service provider. Therefore we have hidden and encrypted some of your content data from administrator’s eyes. Content information is kept ‘hidden’ from administrators eyes, making it almost impossible for one person to put the pieces together.

We guarantee that we are following those principles every day, as we realize that any security issue will cost us your trust and will eliminate us from the game.